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When on tour

As of this year I plan to tour more and visit new cities and new places. I have an insatiable hunger for dominating and torturing new men in new places... leaving my mark wherever I go...

Why not indulge in truly exquisite experience, take me out to dinner/for a meal and let us enjoy the ambiance and anticipation of what is to come when we move to the dungeon....


When on tour I will bring with me some of my personal equipment and will use the toys and tools provided by the dungeon used at the time.... If you have a particular piece of equipment in mind, book and message in advance to ensure we have it available.

March 2023

In March 2023 I will be visiting Manchester (Bury) and London (Hackney Wick).

In Manchester I have availability between afternoon of 10th March and morning of 12th March.

I arrive in London in the afternoon on 12th March and I have availability until 15th March.

My rates on tour are £250 per hour (or £300 if hardsports or cigar smoking is to be included). To book a session with me when I am on tour I require 50% tribute at the time of booking (either £125 or £150) and remaining 50%

I am also available for social meets and cashmeets! 


About sessions with me....from the clients perspective

"Looking at pictures of Domina Blaize, you think her beauty is all you need to know. She is truly stunning, and (no surprise) even more so in person. It’s easy to think that the sight of this imperious, curvy redhead with an impish grin is all you need to know about Her.

I am happy to report that Her gorgeousness is just the beginning.
I will not relate what happened in our session. I will say that, without question, it was the most satisfying session I have ever experienced, in over 30 years of seeing pro Dommes. Domina Blaize is the ‘real deal’ in that Her deep understanding of what you need, and why you come to Her, comes not out of any sort of animosity towards the submissive impulse but out of love for it. She knows you. She starts by talking with you, and when the session begins, Her sense of you combined with her intuitive feel for the complex set of emotions and sensations She is part of creating, guide her actions. Mix that in with the knowledge She knows her body, Her voice and Her looks have on you, along with a true enjoyment of BDSM power and very few taboos, and you get something that our English language has trouble capturing with just a word or two.

It is simply impossible for me to imagine that any submissive, on any point in the experience spectrum, would not have the one of the best experiences of their kinky life with her." H

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